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MorCare is our systematic approach to customer service, designed to facilitate the ultimate recruitment experience for contractors, clients and candidates.

MorCare is designed to facilitate a superior and consistent experience for our clients, contractors and candidates. 

Using a series of systematic checkpoints, MorCare helps new contractors navigate the entire length of their contract – staying in touch with emails and tracking all dates, ensuring timely invoicing and payments and allowing opportunities for client feedback. For employers, these check points ensure that you are kept up to date with your contractors at every step.

Key features of MorCare include:

    • A series of systematic checkpoints for the entire length of the contract with both contractor and client. These checkpoints include both email and telephone call follow-ups.

    • Ensures proper understanding of Morson and client onboarding procedures.

    • Invoicing/time entry orientation allows for timely invoicing and payments.

    • Customizable follow up questionnaires allows for valuable client feedback.

Through MorCare we understand and solve not only the pain points of industry processes – but the human issues as well.

Caring for our clients and contractors

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