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Morson Canada plants a tree for every permanent placement in partnership with Treeapp

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Morson Canada plants a tree for every permanent placement in partnership with Treeapp

Posted on January 2023

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As part of Morson’s Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy, we’ve committed to plant a tree for every permanent placement we make.

Plant a Tree for Every Placement is helping Morson Group work towards achieving net zero and offset our carbon emissions. This forms part of a larger strategy that we’ve been committed to for several years, involving cutting our emissions, sending zero waste to landfill and providing sustainability training for staff.

We've partnered with Treeapp, a mobile app that allows users to plant a tree quickly and easily. The Morson Group has done this to help tackle global deforestation and help maintain our world's ecosystems. Treeapp works with local tree-planting partners in 12 regions across the world, including Tanzania, Indonesia and Nepal, who make sure each tree benefits the local community and is an endemic species. This not only benefits the local ecosystem and environment, but also socially in the local communities, as each partner must have met ethical guidelines.

Forests all around the globe, which are already shrinking at an alarming rate, are slowly reaching their maximum carbon storage capacity - they won't be able to absorb much more carbon for the decades to come.

Each time Morson Group makes a permanent placement, another tree will be planted. So far, Morson has planted almost 7,600 trees across the 12 locations. Treeapp’s calculations estimate that these trees will absorb 36 tons of CO2 across their lifetime.

The Morson Group ESG Director, Gareth Morris, explains more about the 'Plant a Tree for Every Permanent Placement' scheme:

Find out more about Morson Group's commitment to health, safety and the environment here
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