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How to Improve Company Culture

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How to Improve Company Culture

Posted on February 2021

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Culture is an important part of any business, it attracts the best talent, drives engagement and retention, impacts happiness, and affects overall performance.

Your employees are the very heart of the business, and culture impacts how employees interact with their work and the organisation. Nearly two-thirds of employees listed corporate culture among the most important reasons they join and stay with an employer

With company culture more in the spotlight than ever following the coronavirus pandemic and with a rise in flexible working, getting the right balance has never been more important. But how?

1. Involve Everyone

When employees take ownership of their work, they feel prouder of it and are more likely to give it their best. You can create a culture that promotes ownership by including your team in decision-making and by sharing information with them. Ask for their feedback and input. Educate them on why their role is so important to the company’s mission. Share where the company is headed and any upcoming changes. These easy steps contribute to their sense of ownership.

2. Ask the Right Questions

When you interview candidates, show them how important having a positive company culture is to you by asking them relevant questions. Explain what’s expected of all employees to create a positive culture: patience, kindness, inclusion, encouragement, support, honesty and openness. Ask them to demonstrate a time when they displayed one of these skills. For example, when was a time they went out of their way to make a co-worker feel included? Or what is their favourite way to show support to their team members?

3. Embrace Engagement

It’s important to create time for employees to get to know each other and build bonds. This allows them to establish and nurture trust with each other, thus leading to better teamwork. Consider starting a Culture Committee in charge of organizing team lunches, fun outings, contests, and special team-building activities. You could also be more lenient with lunch breaks and coffee breaks, knowing that the relationships they build ultimately benefit your bottom line.

4. Set an Example

If you want your employees to have positive attitudes, set an example for them. If you want them to feel safe sharing new ideas or giving feedback on current processes, ensure they feel safe sharing with you. That could mean having an open-door policy, listening more than speaking, and going out of your way to ask for constructive criticism. Show that you are willing to uplevel your skills and abilities, so they should too. 

5. Give Positive Feedback

For every instance of negative feedback you give, make up for it with five instances of positive feedback. Most employees are not recognized for the good jobs they’re doing, and this is a problem. The squeaky wheels tend to get all the attention, but the smooth ones should know how appreciated they are. Consider sending one thank you or “good job” email to one team member every day and encourage your team to send them to each other as well. 

Need Help Hiring the Right Talent for Your Company’s Culture?

Finding the right fit for your company isn’t just about finding someone with the right skills and experience. They need to value your company’s dedication to a positive culture as much as you do. We can help you find the right talent; contact us today to learn how.

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