Meet the Team: Adam Labrie, Engineering & IT Services | Morson Canada
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Meet the Team: Adam Labrie, Engineering & IT Services Manager

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Meet the Team: Adam Labrie, Engineering & IT Services Manager

Posted on September 2022

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Our Meet the Team series spotlights the people behind our Morson Canada operation, what makes them tick and what their roles are in making the operation work.

Adam Labrie is Engineering & IT Services Manager for Morson Canada. Joining the business in September 2021, Adam works with colleagues in Canada, the US and the UK across mutiple projects for a variety of clients including Marshall Aerospace.

Briefly tell us about your career journey to date
I have been in the staffing business for the better part of 20 years now. I have enjoyed working for a few large multinational staffing firms and have witnessed firsthand the many facets of talent acquisition from entry level roles right up to executive staffing. Being involved, in any way, with people finding their dream jobs all the while helping companies move projects along is a very rewarding career that I am proud of.

What do you do with Morson Canada?
I manage an amazing team of recruitment professionals delivering staff augmentation services. We do this through direct hire, contract hire, payrolling and Resource Program Outsourcing. I continue to work within the Morson leadership team to achieve not only the company objectives, but my personal goals.

Proudest moment with Morson to date?
When I joined the company there was no one left in the Montreal Quebec branch. We have since grown to 6 people in the province delivering services locally, nationally, and internationally. Some have a great deal of experience and others we had to train up from scratch. Just working with these wonderful people is an absolute honor.

Biggest achievement with Morson to date?
Morson recognises talent and I have been fortunate to catch the executive team’s eyes. I have recently been promoted to help our USA division achieve its goals. I have done a lot in this business, and I do not mean to brag but placing people at the Kennedy Space Center is quite literally out of this world. I can now tell people we place Rocket Scientists!

What do you enjoy most about working for Morson Canada?
Morson is understanding. We all have family obligations, unexpected trials and tribulations. Morson makes sure you take care of yourself and your people first and the rest will fall into place. It is a family-centric business. It's as simple as that.

Proudest life moment to date?
Meeting my wonderful wife and having two great children with her on this journey called life. I couldn’t be prouder than that.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.
I am a terrible golfer... but I can never get enough, and I compete with myself. I try to get better but getting older doesn’t make that easy at all. Everywhere I travel I try to get a game in. I am an avid fan of the game.

Shout out someone in your professional network who inspires you
Karen Roe. She and I have many years of working experience together, with big ups and big downs. Professional and personal growth, and we have seen one another family’s grow through all of it. We are like two peas in a pod. GO RICKEY ROE! (that’s for Karen)

Paperback or digital download?
I spend way too much time on my device…. but I must be true to myself, digital, all the way.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
The ability to end famine and poverty would be one heck of a superpower. But do we really need a superpower to do that?

Adam is recruiting for a variety of roles across Canada and the USA. Connect with him on LinkedIn here or drop him an email at
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