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Meet the Team: Jennifer Coles, Technical Recruiter

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Meet the Team: Jennifer Coles, Technical Recruiter

Posted on October 2022

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​Our Meet the Team series spotlights the people behind our Morson Canada operation, what makes them tick and what their roles are in making the operation work.

Jennifer Colesis a Technical Recruiter in Quebec. She joined the business in November 2021 following a career in a very different environment - childhood education.

Briefly tell us about your career journey to date

When I was young, it had always been my passion to work with children. I decided to pursue this passion and obtain my degree in Early Childhood Education. I’ve since had over 10 years experience as an Early Childhood Educator. I decided that after 10 years working in the field, I was ready to begin a new career path and was ready to take on a new challenge- which brought me to working for Morson Canada as a Technical Recruiter.

What do you do with Morson Canada?

As a friendly and personable technical recruiter, I am responsible for recruiting professional staff for our clients. The process can be challenging depending on the required skills and experience of the candidate and the complexity of our clients. I am skilled at headhunting and locating candidates, gaining enthusiasm and interest, and guiding them to ideal positions based on skills, experience, background, paygrade, and passion.

What is your proudest moment and/or biggest achievement with Morson to date?

Becoming a technical recruiter has been one of the greatest choices I’ve made. After working as an Early Childhood Educator for almost 10 years, I was nervous to change paths. Once I began this new path, I started realizing that I can do whatever I set my mind to. It allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and become confident in a different way. I am so proud of all the work that I have done for Morson and for myself throughout this journey so far. I have been able to learn so much and build amazing relationships.

What do you enjoy most about working for Morson Canada?

I work for such an amazing team. They are all so supportive, and I’ve built amazing relationships. Being a technical recruiter is such an accomplishment in itself & being able to communicate and help others through the process of finding their ideal dream job is a great feeling.

What is your proudest life moment to date?

Throughout my life, I have had many different proud moments. Throughout my entire career, I have been able to step out of many comfort zones and really allow myself to be the greatest version of me that I could be. I am extremely proud of the challenges that I’ve taken on. I am also getting ready to have my firstborn son at the end of this year, something I am extremely proud and excited for.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

I am both someone who enjoys being active and doing sports and who enjoys doing “arts & crafts”. I have played soccer for over 20 years. I also really enjoy being able to make and create different projects.

If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It is hard to choose just one! I am a huge sweets girl, so anything dessert related is my go-to! I also love pasta- so any type of pasta would be good as well

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

If I could have one superpower. It would probably be invisibility.

Jennifer is recruiting for a variety of roles across Canada. Connect with her on LinkedIn here or drop him an email at
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