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Preparing a Hiring Strategy in 2022

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Preparing a Hiring Strategy in 2022

Posted on March 2022

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While we’re already well into 2022, it’s not too late to decipher your hiring needs and start planning how you will meet them. If you’re unsure where to start with your 2022 hiring strategy, keep reading. We’re sharing four critical steps to ensure you make the best hiring decisions this year. 

1. Anticipate Your Quarterly Needs 

Create a headcount of the roles you need to hire for and your budget. Working ahead on recruiting ensures you are never scrambling to fill seats in your organization. Consider who you will need to hire and start the search for them now. 

Additionally, create a plan of your hiring needs for the full year ahead. Things can change, of course, so this cannot be an inflexible plan. However, having a general idea of the roles you want to build out or hire for in the other three quarters is crucial.

2. Consider What You Can Offer 

The “Great Resignation” trend swept across Canada, urging employers to offer improved compensation packages. According to one study, 50 per cent of Canadian workers feel they are being paid less than they deserve.

What does this mean for your hiring strategy? It means you need to be competitive if you want to attract and retain top talent. Your people are the core of your business; by providing exceptional compensation packages, you retain those workers and ultimately save your bottom line.

3. Improve Your Business

The top talent in your industry is being scouted by all your competitors. If you want them to choose you, your business needs to be top-notch. Now is the time to consider how you can improve your business in the coming months.

Is your company culture lacking? Are you workers happy? 

Assessing the different areas your business could improve should be a regular and frequent activity in your company. Be open to feedback from your team and always strive to be better.

4. Delegate Your Recruiting Needs

Finding, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding new talent is a massive job. To do it well, you must dedicate extensive time and energy to it. If you want to scale your business in 2022, it may be time to consider hiring a recruitment agency, like Morson Canada.

We take every element of recruiting off your plate so you can focus on scaling. We handle everything from forecasting future trends in your industry and acquiring highly qualified talent to ensuring your team is diverse and your local hiring quotas fulfilled. Our extensive network of specialized candidates is always growing, and we will have no problem finding the right people for your roles. 

As you plan your hiring strategy, consider outsourcing this facet of your business to the experts. 

Morson Canada is Ready to Hit Your 2022 Hiring Goals

If you’re ready to skyrocket your growth, Morson Canada is ready to handle all your hiring needs. We are your strategic partners in all things recruiting, and we can’t wait to help your business reach its potential this year. To get started, contact us here